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Therapy Documentation Specialists (TDS)

Serving Clients Nationwide

The Process

Our Licensed, Highly Skilled, Experienced Therapists Are Here To Handle All Your Documentation Needs According To Our Proprietary Processes

Ensuring Compliance, Decreasing Claim Denials, Increasing Cashflow

Therapy Documentation Specialists (TDS) conducts comprehensive off-site therapy documentation audits for clinics, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities that provide Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy services.

Our Services

TDS provides therapy documentation audits that increase claim approval and maintain cashflow.


Unparalleled, real-world audits, with tailored recommendations and action plans to help improve your systems.

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We train our documentation therapists in our proprietary system for effective and accurate audits, and we will train yours too!

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Why We're Different

Our services are unique because every audit is performed by highly knowledgeable and experienced licensed therapists, specializing in our proprietary audit methodology, to best suit your company’s specific needs.

$262 billion in medical claims are initially denied.

(Source: Change Healthcare, 2017)

30% of claims are either denied, lost, or ignored.

(Source: Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services)

The true cost of denied claims is $31.50.

(Source: Change Healthcare)

Out of all the denied claims, 65% of them are never reworked.

(Source: Change Healthcare)

Our Specialty

We specialize in reducing denial rates and ensuring compliance with Medicare/Medicaid state and federal guidelines, as well as private insurance companies with OT, PT, and ST documentation.